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This post is to keep a roster of active characters. Please copy-paste the text in your own comment, fill in the missing data, and feel free to update/reply as things change! Feel free to include a name you wish to go by or a way to contact you, if you so desire.

This is by no means mandatory for joining/playing here. Just a point of reference for those who wish to use it.

CHARACTER NAME ([personal profile] username) | IF STAR TREK, SPECIFY CANON. IF NOT, SPECIFY FANDOM | CANON POINT IF APPLICABLE (note: it is not necessary to specify, if you want to play fast-and-loose and keep your options open) | AU IF APPLICABLE (If OC or non-Trek, a brief note about why they're here may be useful. If Trek, put genderswap/mirrorverse/whatever you changed here.)

Copy-paste for each character, and you're done. The first comment is an example of how it'll look.

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