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The big scary page of tagging.

Okay not really. This is really to HELP us. Because the thing is, I want to make this SO OPEN that there's a danger of running off people who want something really specific from their play. Wanting something specific is totally okay. That is what this tagging system is for. Please give me suggestions as to how to improve it. The community is set so members can make and apply tags, but you should know I will be monitoring them and I may change them if there seems to be a better organizing principle.


When you make a post, you'll tag it. When you comment on a post, you'll also tag it because don't you want to keep track of ones you participated in?

I realize there's a lot here, and you may not want to deal with it all. THAT'S OKAY. This is for those who want to be more specific. But I will say that I've listed them in order of importance: if nothing else please tag your character/username. The others will help direct people to the play they want, but you're welcome to ignore them as long as you warn/cut for adult material.

1. Character tag. This is exactly what it says: the character you're playing with. The tags should reflect, eventually, everyone playing there. It will look like this:

c: j. kirk (original_fine)
c: w. crusher (getoutofmychair)

That way, we'll know how to find ourselves to relive our past glories.

NOTE: This is the only tag for which you should regularly be making new ones. Most will be set by the community.

2. Setting. The canon your post takes place in. For movies, choose the cast you're dealing with, so the one with the whales would still get a TOS tag. These are:

*setting: the original series
*setting: the next generation
*setting: voyager
*setting: enterprise
*setting: deep space nine
*setting: star trek xi
*setting: open/unspecified

3. Open to. This tag helps you determine who tags you and helps other people know which characters are welcome. There is nothing wrong with being specific. There are very good reasons for wanting to only play with canon characters, or restricting it to a particular time period. Respect those, okay?

!open to: anyone (aus, ocs, etc) (Free-for-all. Everyone can post! Just keep in mind that if your character is an OC or a fandom not Trek, it might be helpful to have a post in your journal that tells us who they are.)
!open to: star trek only (Only Star Trek characters, please, but they can be from any canon because time does funny things.)
!open to: setting-specific only (This means if you post with Jean-Luc, and you don't want Kirk showing up and throwing his weight around, you can make that clear. ONLY characters that belong to that specific canon are allowed.)
!open to: doubles (This is to specify that you're okay with meeting other versions of your character. There are going to be a lot of same people here, so this is good to know.)
!closed (This is useful if you're working in a verse you've already established, either in the comm or in private discussion. This is totally fine to use.)

4. Verse. These will be established as we play--if you discover a particular setting and story that appeals to you, and you want to keep it going over multiple posts, come up with a fitting name for it and add a tag. There will be a few starter ones:

verse: mirror
verse: academy

I figure those will crop up a lot. But it's basically a way to share a universe with fellow players; it doesn't have to have a coherent storyline, but it should have something holding it together. Please ask if you're not sure.

5. Content notes. This is, admittedly, a little complicated and subjective. And it's up to you whether you use them. This is a useful way to do two things:

-Warn fellow players about content they may not wish to partake of, and
-Provide further direction for what you're looking to play out.

Here's what I've got so far:

[contains] sex/shipping
[contains] violence
[contains] crack
[contains] angst
[contains] alternate universe/timeline
[contains] meme
[contains] away mission
[contains] shore leave
[contains] transporter accidents
[contains] (pre/post/during)-(episode/film)
[contains] mirrorverse

Obviously, multiple tags may apply and you can use as many or as few as you're comfortable with. It's just a way for you to organize things more if that's what you're comfortable with. And I'm a librarian.

As always, please comment with questions or glaring wrongness on my part.