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Subject to change, and open for discussion. Well, some of them.


1. The standard IC =/= OOC. Characters get into stuff. Don't let it bleed through.

2. No bashing for any reason will be tolerated. Please respect other players' preferences, both in terms of characters, canons, shipping, orientation, and what they want to play out (or don't). Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is Okay applies here, and not just for sex.

3. Contact a mod if there are any issues at all.

4. Be creative and HAVE FUN!!


What is [community profile] treknobabble?
It's a Star Trek sandbox. This means that it's a pretty open space, as long as no one throws sand and as long as the fun is located in the Trek universe.

Don't we have those?
Not really. I wanted something that could meet the demands of Trek and Trek-interested roleplayers as they developed, and as such, I think this space is unique because we are going to build it as we go.

Does that mean I have to be serious and have plot and stuff? I thought this was a dressing room.
It is! Sort of. But like many dressing rooms, it has the option of being a lot of things to a lot of people depending on what we build. Which is why I'm calling it a sandbox. So you can be as fast-and-loose or as serious and developed as you want--the caveat is that we all have to get along and extensive world-building is probably going to be easier in a dedicated game space.

So what can I do here?
Almost anything, including things I haven't thought of yet, provided a few things:

1. It has to take place in the Star Trek universe. Any canon, any time period, even AUs. But Star Trek is the whole point, here.
2. If there is any adult content, it must be properly tagged, cut, and warned as such. Locking is at your discretion.
3. If you want to write things of an adult nature, you're on the honor system agreeing that you're 17+. Okay?

Does that mean I can write smut?
Yes. Look, writing sex is fun. If you're more comfortable taking it to PSLs or your own museboxes, that's fine, too! But for those who are comfortable, I want this to be an open space.

Just make sure you cut ANYTHING with sexual content (or violence) and amply warn for both adult content and specific trigger warnings. If you have questions, please ask. The point is that not everyone wants to play out smut or see it, and this space is meant to be comfortable for everyone.

So... who can play here?
Players? Anyone. Characters?


That's right. We're not restricting this to Star Trek canons or even Star Trek OCs. For now. If this is abused, the rule might change. But frankly, I'd be interested in seeing what happens when Buffy is actually a Starfleet captain, or when the Doctor's T.A.R.D.I.S. materializes on the bridge. So your fandom characters can be Trek AU'd (always part of that universe, appropriately inserted into canon) or sudden transporter accidents. Just make sure it makes as much sense as a Trek episode does.

This doesn't mean that if you're here for Star Trek, and only Star Trek, you can't have that.

Because we want everyone to be comfortable, there's a tagging system that will help people get what they're looking for. I'll talk about that later.

Doesn't that get sort of messy?
Maybe. We'll see! What it does requires is communication--people making posts need to be clear about what they're willing to play, and people tagging in need to respect that. It's still a sandbox--no one is obligated to play with anyone else, but we need to be civil about it.

Why does Kirk's shirt keep getting ripped?

Have you looked at that guy? Why ask--it's a natural law we'll never understand.

Will there be events? will there be ongoing things?
The way I envision it, this will be largely player-run. Some ideas for things that might happen?

-Memes. Like those open rp things that are going around, with themes and options. Lots of communities have these, and a lot can be modified for our use (though it's nice to give credit).
-Continuing verses. Say you start a post and something TOTALLY AWESOME happens, like a transporter accident lands your dashing hero(ine) and crew in medieval times. Bet you never saw that coming. But what if it's really neat, and you want to revisit it? DO IT. Just tag it with "verse: WHATEVER," and keep it going.
-Random one-off posts. Say you just want a quick-and-dirty alien planet mission. Set it up and see what happens. Voice-test new characters. See if your ship of choice hits if off. Whatever you can come up with.
-Events. Posts conforming to a single theme: sudden genderswap, or mirror universe, or something else that a lot of people throw themselves into at once.

For all I know, this develops a shape I haven't envisioned. I want it to be open enough to serve the needs of the community and to make room for ongoing communal story-telling, if that's where this goes.

Okay, so... this sounds complicated.
Yeah, it might be. There's that adage about not being able to be everything to everyone. BUT. I think once we get started it'll start to make sense, and the tagging system will be really helpful. I need YOUR feedback to tweak it and make it work best for all of you.

So yeah. Tagging. That sounds scary.
It's not really, but you'll have to go here to learn more.

I have a question you haven't answered but it seems so totally obvious you probably would have addressed it if it was important.
I miss a lot of obvious. Hit me.

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